ART & GUILE is a New York based studio that combines warm authentic materials with disciplined artistry and inventive execution to produce minimal but spirited contemporary light fixtures, furniture, and objects.

ART & GUILE was founded by two artists; Kate Hopkins, a painter and printmaker with a passion for surface, line, shape, and striking abstract forms, and Christopher Boynton, a former video-artist and 3D modeler with a love of light & shadow, mise-en-scéne, and beautiful engineering.

Together they bring a unique approach to design, one that is grounded in solving creative and technical challenges with nimble thinking, ingenuity, and a practised eye for merging simple elegant forms with flare and functionality.  

Their work is imbued with their passion for the creative process and their love of simple but lively forms and well engineered design.


art     /ärt/

the skilled and disciplined application of the human creative process

guile     /gīl/

overcoming creative challenges with cunning intelligence and ingenuity


While collaborating on several original works of art and gallery installations, Chris & Kate discovered a surprisingly complimentary set of creative and technical skills, as well as a shared love of materiality and process. After moving in together they quickly set about turning their first apartment into a light and atmosphere filled sanctuary/laboratory, inspired largely by some of their favorite film sets and fictional worlds. They reveled in the power of light, geometry, color, and material to utterly transform a space and the mood of those who occupy it.

ART & GUILE was founded in 2016.

All of their pieces are designed, engineered, and produced in Long Island City by Kate & Chris, in collaboration with a small number of local fabricators and craftspeople.